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The FAIRFUELS Final workshop
will be held on 19-20 May 2015 at Salon 13, on Kennemerstraatweg 13, Alkmaar, NL
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FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting was held in Petten (Nederland), 28 January, 2013

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting was held in Petten (Nederland), 19 – 20 June, 2012

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting in Stockholm on the 8th February 2011.

FAIRFUELS Workshop in Stockholm on the 9th and 10th February 2011.

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting in Cadarache in December 2011.


9th February 2011

Objectives of the FAIRFUELS project
Presenter : F.Klaassen
PDF Document 11Mo
MARIOS: fabrication of (U,Am)O2 pellets
Presenter : N.Herlet
PDF Document 2Mo

MA-fuel fabrication: Recent advances at JRC-ITU
Presenter : J. McGinley
PDF Document 2Mo
MARIOS: fabrication of (U,Am)O2 pellets
Presenter : M.Jolkkonen
PDF Document 2Mo

Minor actinide nitride and oxide fuel development in JAEA
Presenter : M. Takano
PDF Document 6Mo
Advanced fuel development in Russia
Presenter : L.Zaboudko
PDF Document 2Mo

10th February 2011

Impact of fuel composition on design and safety of fast reactors
Presenter : J. Wallenius
PDF Document 3Mo
Safety performance of oxide and metallic fuels in SFRs
Presenter : Y. Zhang
PDF Document 1Mo

FCCI phenomena on SFR fuel pins
Presenter : J.C. Dumas
PDF Document 2Mo
Reprocessing issues of fuels for Gen-IV
Presenter : S. Bourg
PDF Document 2Mo

Thermodynamic modelling of carbide fuels in F-BRIDGE
Presenter : J.C. Dumas
PDF Document 1Mo
Modelling of intragranular diffusion of fission gas
Presenter : G. Pastore
PDF Document 1Mo

Post irradiation examination of ECRIX
Presenter : S. Béjaoui
PDF Document 2Mo
Post irradiation examination of CONFIRM
Presenter : M. Streit
PDF Document 63Mo

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